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Famous Criminals Trivia Quiz


Hello, quiz lovers! A brand new “quiz trivia game” is awaiting you! Download “Famous Criminals Trivia Quiz” 2015/2016 and enjoy playing one of the best “trivia quizzes” on your smartphones and tablets! A multitude of “quiz trivia questions” about “famous criminals” is now at your disposal! If you are a fan of fun trivia games and you like to learn about the world of criminal, this will be the perfect solution for your free time! Spend a lot of hours playing this “criminal game” and try to figure out what makes this subject so popular among people around the world! Check how much information you know about the all – time biggest “criminal minds”. “Guess the criminal” in the picture and find out all the intriguing details from the private lives of famous criminals via this amazing picture quiz. You may take this trivia quiz as a "famous criminals encyclopedia" – learn a multitude of "interesting facts about criminals"! Explore the intriguing "criminal world" with this awesome criminal trivia game! Get a ton of "criminal trivia quiz questions and answers" and have a blast with this fun trivia game for adults! The more quiz trivia questions you answer correctly and the more famous criminals in the pictures you guess right, the more coins you will earn! Grab this entertaining trivia game and don't miss a moment of fun!➜ 5 levels of difficulty in the endless quiz questions and answers;➜ Play “famous criminals quiz”, choose one of 4 offered answers and do it fast, the clock is ticking;➜ Give the answer quickly and win extra points for being fast;➜ Be careful not to make three errors in a row or else you'll have to start over;➜ Use one of 3 available helps to solve the questions: **50:50 – remove two incorrect answers;**Switch your question with another one;**Use the help of your friends – take a look at their answers shown in percent.➜ Log in with Facebook to win free coins and compete with your friends - check the leader board and beat the high score!
Who is your favorite famous criminal? Can you find him in this Famous Criminals Trivia Quiz 2015/2016? Can you identify him in the picture? Get this trivia quiz right away, spend innumerous hours with your tablets and smartphones playing this addictive brain - teaser and always carry this great source of fun in your pockets! Picture quizzes could be fun if you like to play “guess the criminal” games! This is exactly one such trivia game! This free quizlet app for smartphones and tablets will not only increase your knowledge about criminals and the world of criminal but it will also increase your IQ and help you train your brain! This “addictive quiz” is the best “learning game” for you! By playing famous criminals trivia quizzes you can learn much about who they were, where they lived, what they did for living and what made them criminals. Cash in your knowledge and become a proud owner of tons of coins! This “educational quiz game” can be your virtual money tree – answer correctly and win some more coins! Download brand new Famous Criminals Trivia Quiz 2015/2016, an excellent brain game for adults and test your knowledge about the world of criminal and famous criminals!
This brain exercising quiz trivia is the right place for those who never have enough and who always ask for more! Tell your friends about this mobile app and compete against them or against random people from all over the world! Be rewarded for how well you know famous criminals and provide answers to all “famous criminals trivia questions” in the quiz!